The Power Of Posture Book

If you’ve been STRUGGLING with POOR POSTURE and FEELING RESTRICTED, then you need this BOOK because it will teach you how to move and function PAIN FREE.

Functional Patterns

The Power Of Posture Book

The Power Of Posture Book

A Guide To Help You Manage Pain And Improve Functional Movement

Are you in pain and uncertain on how to manage it?

You might want to check your posture. Posture is quite possibly the most underrated yet most influential aspect of health and pain management.

Posture is the foundation of efficiency the human body must have if we expect to live pain free.


You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

Think of your body being like a steel chain, and if just one link in that chain is broken, the entire chain will then become weak.

The body itself is a completely interdependent system, so if our posture is misaligned it is quite likely something is going to give out at one point or the other.

Postural influence takes top priority in managing pain because it directly links to how the body structurally integrates as one system.

Posture is at the root of pain and until it is addressed, the symptoms of physical inefficiency will take control of your life and it is quite likely that pain and injury will become an inevitability.

By addressing the root of pain via the use of good postural dynamics, we will nurture muscle and joint pain relief for an entire lifetime, effectively creating a mobile and strong body.


The Power Of Posture Book

Who Can You Trust?

With so many systems out there purely focusing on the direct symptoms of a problem, it becomes difficult to distinguish what will actually have last results in terms of pain management and functionality.

Every training system I have witnessed has failed to set up a foundation based around human biological sustainability.

We are constantly sold on ideas that make promises but fail to deliver results that can last for a lifetime.

It is the lack of knowledge from these fitness “gurus” that has been leading people down the path of self destruction.

Injuries, pain, lack of energy, along with many other imbalances found in human beings can and will be re-enforced by a system that is flawed at a foundation.

Their failure to understand the nuances of what shapes human biology is what makes their training system at their core, completely unsustainable.


The Power Of Posture Book

Live Pain Free

Standing efficiently in an upright manner is the ultimate foundation to work from if we can expect to live pain free, perform optimally, maintain our metabolism, exude confidence, manage stress, elevate libido, and down right just plain be healthy.

I wrote this book for the purpose of explaining the nucleus of my entire training system (oriented around posture), so that anyone can master the foundations of efficient movement that will transfer to a lifetime of pain free living!

Beyond all of this, these techniques can be done anywhere without the need of a “specialist” to manually work on you.

These techniques are what helped me and thousands of others address the root cause of their pain and dysfunctions.

Take control of your own life by learning how it functions at a foundation!!!


The Power Of Posture Book


Prevent and Address Pain

Most pain and injury can be found in single sectors of the body compensating structurally. By getting at the structural root, we will eliminate compensatory patterns that bring about pain and injury.

Maximize Athletic Performance

The more muscle we have integrated into a movement, the more kinetic energy we can deliver. Whether you’re looking to improve a 40 yard dash, punch harder, improve marathon times, kinetic integration will be at the foundation of what you will need to improve your performance.

Drop Body-Fat

In most instances, excessive bodyfat can be rooted in the failure to adapt to stressful situations neurologically. If the techniques are mastered in this series, the body will have a much higher capability of adapting to stress and eventually learn to metabolize bodyfat.

Increase Energy

A neurologically imbalanced body will overly tax the systems responsible for producing the stress hormones in our body that give us energy. By balancing the body as a whole, the body will be able to regain its circadian rhythm. This will promote the demand for energy when we need it most.

Build Strength & Muscle

Involvement of the entire kinetic chain through movement will bring about more functional muscular development to the body as a whole. This means that there will be increases in muscle mass, but the increases will build better proportion throughout.

Sleep Better

Since people in our culture today are constantly in a state of stress, that neurological response will carry over into our sleeping habits. If we master systems to decrease stress at its root, the body will now come back to balance when bed time comes and we will get an effective sleep cycle in place.

Strong Libido

A poor neurological adaptation to stress will lead to the suppression of sexual hormones. Implementing the techniques necessary will automatically bring about the improvement of sexual drive through the body’s new adaptable capabilities to stress.

Improve Flexibility

Utilizing the science of reciprocal inhibition, we will use the fundamental building blocks to set up a functionally flexible body.

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7 thoughts on “The Power Of Posture Book”

  1. Hy
    I actually do the 10 weeks program. Is this book realy necessary or is a very complementary to the program.
    Thank you

  2. This book has given me a foundation of knowledge which has helped me to shift my thinking of what fitness should be for humans. The techniques in this book helped correct my anterior pelvic tilt, forward head posture, the external rotation of my femurs and more. It’s amazing how intense the corrective exercises can be, considering there’s little to no weight for most of them. It really is a workout trying to correct your own dysfunctions.

    This book teaches you the value of giving your body a break and prioritising your postural problems for your long-term health. It’s a train of thought that has stuck with me since applying these techniques and listening to Naudi. It’s a great complement to the hundreds of free YouTube Videos FP offers also.

    If you are looking to make an investment in your health this is truly a great starting point.

  3. This book was my first introduction into FP; at the time 2017 I remember being highly skeptical of the claims naudi had written in the first few pages. That changed when I did my the first myofascial release, I knew I had done something right when I felt my tissues decompress for the first time with a majority of the pain from weightlifting and movement diminishing as well. I still come back to this book to solve my dysfunctions and I still find myself discovering new thing with every re-read.

    If you are tired of being in constant pain this book is an important step to bring your body out of pain and into a sustainability

  4. este libro fue el comienzo para poder intentar comprender un poco mas de este gran método de entrenamiento y estilo de vida.
    ha valido cada maldito dolar.

  5. This book has been one of the most important read of my career and has drastically changed the way I was thinking about posture and consider the influence of our environment in general. The whole concept put forth my Naudi was and still is way ahead of the rest of the industry.

  6. Purchased the ebook in 2016 when i started training with an FP practitioner. Its a great book and I’m glad I got it. Definitely a great read to get started with FP. Highly recommend this book and the FP organisation.


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